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shutterstock_92410507 At KK Tham & Associates, we believe in helping each and every one of our clients to reach their fullest potential through sound financial decisions. We are committed to building quality relationships with our clients, providing them with sound and professional advice that can help them to improve the financial and operational aspects of their business.

Our Strengths



KK Tham & Associates are an elite team of accountants who are able to provide a wide range of consultancy services for maximum efficiency of your business financing and accounts.


From initial contact to engagement and follow-up, we are always ready to assist our clients in fulfilling their needs and requirements in a timely manner.


Having been in the industry since 1987, we have a deep wealth of experience and expertise to draw on, while recognizing the importance of staying updated on current affairs and any changes in industry rules and regulations.


As a professional accountancy firm, we’ve built a strong reputation and pride ourselves on our uncompromising integrity in choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity.


We work closely with each other and with our client, and are committed to continuous improvements and growing from strength to strength in our partnerships.

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